Yellow Roses

  • Rose Name: Autumn Sunset - Climbing
    Color: Apricot Gold
    Type: Climber
    Height: 8 to 12 feet
    Blooms: Large, clustered
    Fragrance: Strong fruity
  • Rose Name: Dark Night
    Color: Deep Red with Yellow Reverse
    Type: Hybrid Tea
    Blooms: Large, High Center, Cuplike
    Fragrance: Slight
  • Rose Name: Dream Come True
    Color: Yellow Blend
    Type: Hybrid Tea
    Height: Medium
    Blooms: Double blooms, excellent cut flowers
    Fragrance: Moderate, tea rose fragrance
  • Rose Name: Gold Medal
    Color: Yellow
    Type: Hybrid Tea
    Height: Very tall, upright
    Blooms: Medium-large, double, golden yellow suffused orange
    Fragrance: Rich fruity
  • Photo by Gene Sasse
  • Rose Name: Joseph's Coat
    Color: Yellow to Scarlet
    Type: Climber
    Height: 10' - 12'
    Blooms: Medium, 23 to 28 petals
    Fragrance: Light
  • Rose Name: Love and Peace
    Color: Yellow/Pink
    Type: Hybrid Tea
    Blooms: Large, Full
    Fragrance: Mild
  • Rose Name: Peace
    Color: Yellow/Pink
    Type: Hybrid Tea
    Height: Medium, bushy
    Blooms: Very large, very full, lemony yellow - edged pure pink
    Fragrance: Mild Fruity
  • Rose Name: Rio Samba
    Color: Yellow/Orange
    Type: Hybrid Tea
    Height: Medium, rounded
    Blooms: Medium Double
    Fragrance: Light
  • Rose Name: Smiley Face
    Color: Yellow
    Type: Climber
    Blooms: Large
    Fragrance: Slight Spice
  • Rose Name: St. Patrick
    Color: Yellow
    Type: Hybrid Tea
    Height: Medium, rounded to upright
    Blooms: Large, fully double, yellow-gold shaded green
    Fragrance: Slight
  • Rose Name: Sunny Knockout
    Color: Yellow
    Type: Knock-out Shrub
    Height: Tall, upright shrub
    Blooms: Large, yellow blooms with dark attractive foliage
    Fragrance: None
  • Rose Name: Sunstruck
    Color: Apricot with yellow reverse
    Type: Hybrid Tea
    Height: Medium-tall, rounded
    Blooms: Very large, double-formal
    Fragrance: Moderately fruity
  • Rose Name: Tahitian Sunset
    Color: Orange/Apricot/Yellow/Pink
    Type: Hybrid Tea
    Height: Tall
    Blooms: Lavish, coloring large blooms
    Fragrance: Strong licorice scent



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